LiveSmart Products Comparison

LiveSmart Products

Both products are intended for for video session chats between two or more attendees. They differ in terms of used technologies and the number of attendees that can be handled in a meeting.
LiveSmart Server Video is a server side technology, which requires more complex installation, requires better infrastructure and some administration knowledge, but can handle theoretically unlimited attendees in a meeting.
LiveSmart Video Chat is a light weight peer-to-peer tool, with less requirements, simple server, but can handle max 4-5 attendees in a video meeting and 30-40 in a broadcasting session.

LiveSmart Server Video LiveSmart Video Chat
Attendees SFU server side topology. Theoretically allows unlimited attendees. Mesh topology. Attendees in a video conference are limited up to five in a room. Broadcasting is up to 30-40 attendees.
Installation and requirements Requires more serious infrastructure, own domain or subdomain. More about requirements can be found here. Easy and straightforward installation, can be installed together with other websites. Requirements.
TURN/STUN installation Not required Required
Online scheduling Yes Yes
File transfer Yes Yes
Recording, save on server and autostart options Yes Yes
Waiting room, where attendee can adjust video and audio settings Yes Yes
Whiteboard Yes Yes
Online lessons Yes Yes
Private rooms Yes Yes
Speech recognition, text to speech, translation Yes. Demo is available here Yes. Demo is available here
Snapshot Yes Yes
Stream a video Yes, from YouTube Yes, from a local file
User friendly URL shortener Yes Yes
Switch camera Yes Yes
Localization Yes Yes
Admission room Yes Yes
Users and user login Yes Yes
Chat history Yes Yes
Social login No Yes
Virtual background No Yes
Chat engagement No Yes
Presence button No Yes
Integrations No Integration with WoWonder, WonderTag theme, PlayTube Platform, DocTreat theme and LatePoint. For more info, visit this Integration guide.
Video logs No Yes
Offline form No Yes
Chrome Assistant No Yes
WordPress Plugin No Yes

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