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This is a demo page, where you can see how LiveSmart Server Video voice to text and translation module works. This functionality works only with desktop and mobile Chrome browsers.

In order the demo to work, and there is no echo and overload, you should do this on different devices and not close one to another.
1. Choose the agent language from the list

and open the agent link
You will see the initial entry form. By providing a common name, you can enter the room as room owner.

entry form
When the meeting starts, you need to enable speech recognition and translate from the icon:
entry form

2. Choose the attendee language from the list

Click this attendee link to copy it in the clipboard and send it to a new device so there is no echo. The attendee should see subtitles in his language while the agent is speaking. His voice on the other hand will be translated to the agent language.

WARNING! Please note that you have to allow your browser to access camera and/or microphone in order the video chat to work.


In order to reduce the echo if you are on the same machine, you can mute microphone or lower the volume. For optimal demo results it is good to use two different devices.

LiveSmart can be legally purchased only from CodeCanyon. If you have obtained the software from another source, you face the risk of it not working properly, or to have inclusions that may harm your system.

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