This is a demo page, where you can see how LiveSmart Video Chat works with default settings.

1. Open the organizer link;
You will see the initial entry form. By providing a common name, you can enter the room as room owner.

entry form

2. Click on the corresponding visitor link so it is copied in the clipboard then send it to a new device or open in incognito tab.

3. After the visitor enters the room, both attendees will be able to do a video call and the organizer to share his screen. Both parties can send files from the chat panel. To see how whiteboard and recording work, please visit the Recording Demo.

conference room

Check the video how to use this demo

WARNING! Please note that you have to allow your browser to access camera and/or microphone in order the video chat to work.


In order to reduce the echo if you are on the same machine, you can mute microphone or lower the volume. For optimal demo results it is good to use two different devices.

If you see “Waiting for the other party to join” label, make sure both links are opened.

If you need assistance or facing problems with the demo, please do check the contact options or visit our support forum.

LiveSmart can be legally purchased only from CodeCanyon. If you have obtained the software from another source, you face the risk of it not working properly, or to have inclusions that may harm your system.

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    • Hello,

      Please check the video tutorial.
      Click on the organizer link – it will open in new tab and organizer camera will be started.
      Then click on the attendee link – it will be copied in your clipboard. You can open in incognito tab or send to a new device. When both organizer and attendee are in the meeting they will see each other. If you are on one machine, please have in mind that if your audio is turned on, there will be echo.

      LiveSmart Team

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to intergrate LIVESMART into “wowonder The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform” for our online conference tutorials objective?
    1- Is this possible? Any examples how it would look like?
    2- How many attendees maximum?
    3- How many hours per session?
    4- Do we need to pay any third parties for conference calling?
    5- How about updates?

    I am a novice on these things, hoping you understand my questions

  • What’s the different between live smart and agora?
    1. can we go live with wowonder after integration like that of
    2. will all the members or users will have access to go live respectively?
    3. When live will the viewers have ability to comment under the live video?

    • Hello,
      The main difference between Agora and LiveSmart is that for Agora you need an account and eventually you need monthly payments. LiveSmart is a standalone application, you install it on your server and you have full control over it.
      1. Yes, for more information check here
      2. Yes, upon login or registration the system checks if you have LiveSmart account (on your database) and if not, it creates.
      3. No, there is no comment section. But if you add the streaming as a post in an iframe, most probably you can comment the post.

      LiveSmart Team

  • Hello,

    I am interested in buying this plugin. I am creating a services marketplace and would like the clients and freelancers to have the option to communicate with each other via video chat. I would take commission from the prices charged for these meetings. Would this plugin benefit me?

    Also, on wordpress, it says this plugin has not been updated in 2 years but on envato, it has been recently updated. Can I please get clarification on that? Thanks!

    • Hello,

      The WP plugin is compatible, it is just integrating the LiveSmart admin panel into WP dashboard.
      LiveSmart client is pure HTML/JavaScript/CSS so it can be integrated anywhere. The backend is node.js and PHP/MySQL (which is not mandatory, it is responsible for agent/user/rooms management and storage), so it also can be installed on almost every server. Read more about server requirements in FAQ section.

      LiveSmart Team

  • 1. I wont to integrate it into my wowonder software, do I need the extended version?
    2. If yes, How do I charge customers for using the smartlive chat since the wowonder is app is free for everyone unless they chose to subscribe for Pro version?
    3. Can we use smartlive independently for video conferencing.
    4. If yes how do we get the Android & IOS app interface?

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