How many visitors at once can I have?

LiveSmart is based on WebRTC technology with Mesh topology. This means that the connections and bandwidth traffic are mainly handled by client side. The traffic on the server is not high, as the connections are peer-to-peer.

– For 1:1 video sessions, theoretically the number of concurrent sessions can be unlimited. I have tested with 50 1:1 video sessions on the demo server. It is scalable, so it can maintain much more.

– For multi user video session, the number of participants in each session is limited by client-side bandwidth, device, and CPU limitations for processing vast amounts of video and audio streams. Five participants, rarely on good connections and low resolution camera to eight in a single video conference is a reasonable number. (#1 for rooms at once is valid here)

– For the broadcasting session where there is one or two broadcaster and many viewers that are subscribing to their video and audio stream. I have clients that are using the broadcasting feature for online lessons for 60+ viewers, but this number is also scalable and for sure it can maintain more attendees.